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Elise Rivers, Esq., M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.



Elise Rivers is the founder and owner of Community Acupuncture of Mt Airy along with her own private practice, Moon River Acupuncture. Elise specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is also a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist (Shiatsu). She has been practicing Asian medicine for more than 19 years.

A top graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture with a Masters in both Japanese and TCM-style techniques, she is also a certified practitioner of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), requiring completion of a comprehensive training in auricular (ear) acupuncture, and a ten month curriculum in addiction behavior and treatments. As part of her training she worked at the Dimock Community Health Center in Jamaica Plain, MA and the Wellness Center in Boston, MA.


Elise enjoys sharing her knowledge and 14 years ago joined the staff of the Won Institute for Graduate Studies to teach point location, a foundational course for acupuncturists.

She feels very strongly that acupuncture is ancient medicine for modern times and should be made accessible to as many people as possible. This led her to found Philadelphia's first community clinic in 2005, based on the model started in Portland, Oregon. It is her sincere wish that many people will partake and benefit from this model of affordable, accessible care.

Often, through the Mt. Airy Learning Tree, Elise teaches her introductory class Curious About Acupuncture? to help people understand what acupuncture is all about and how it can help them. Click here to register.

Jessica Jessica Weaver, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac

Jessica is a board certified licensed acupuncturist in Pennsylvania. She completed her B.F.A. at New York University and earned her Master's Degree in Acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Glenside, PA. She is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who worked in Niger, West Africa for two years.

As an acupuncturist, Jessica has experience treating a wide variety of health conditions, such emotional issues, insomnia, sports injuries, pain management, women's health, metabolic imbalances, and many others. She especially enjoys working with young adults. Jessica is passionate about helping people in their journey to become their best selves. She understands that healing and acupuncture originates in treating the whole person, not just certain ailments or diseases.

In addition to travelling, Jessica loves exercising and being outdoors. She has been a runner since she was a teenager and has practiced vinyasa yoga for the past 10 years. When she is not practicing acupuncture, she can be found at the park with her husband and son.


Carol Goldman, DAOM, LAc., MS

Carol's path to becoming an acupuncturist began in Mexico. There, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, she experienced her first acupuncture treatment and became inspired to learn about Chinese medicine in order to help others. Carol enjoys partnering with patients who are challenged by chronic illness, stress and pain. Specifically, her passions include women's health and fertility, orthopedic issues, emotional stress, Parkinson's and other movement disorders, and providing support to those with cancer.

Using an eclectic style of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Carol integrates herbal prescriptions, acupuncture, cupping and Tui Na massage to treat an array of conditions where these methods are effective.

Carol is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in New York City. At PCOM Carol completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) and Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (MSTOM). Carol also holds a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Chestnut Hill College and brings over a decade of clinical practice to the treatment room. She currently teaches Clinical Counseling courses at PCOM.

When not at work, you can find Carol rowing on the Schuylkill River, drumming with a circle of friends, or running in the park with her two dogs.


I started seeing Joan and couldn't believe the relief I was getting!  After 20 years of not being comfortable, she helped immensely.

When Joan left, I saw Rachael and that relief continued to improve.  One time my lower back was incredibly painful.  in just ONE session (with cupping), most of that was gone.
Because Rachael is on maternity leave,  I saw Dana this past Tuesday.  After a really hard yoga session on Sunday, my whole body ached.  I left feeling the BEST I HAD EVER FELT after a session.  Dana called to follow up and I let her know.
Thank you for having such great acupuncturists.


- RC 2015



I've had acupuncture in the past, but it does not compare to comfort I feel or the care I receive at Mt. Airy Acupuncture Clinic... more=>

Yes, I believe. I did not at first... Well, now at 80 years of age, I believe. My knees are no longer a real issue... more=>

My experience after five sessions leads me to describe this alternative treatment for pain as clean, neat, and uncomplicated with no unpleasant side affects... more=>

AN ACUPUNCTURE & IBS TESTIMONIAL: Within a few treatments though, I noticed that my IBS flare ups were not as severe and certainly not as long-lasting as they had been before I began acupuncture. After 12 or so treatments, the results were dramatically positive. more=>

 My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost a year and couldn't get pregnant... After just a little over a month of acupuncture and herbs, my period returned ... I already felt the benefits of acupuncture. My body felt better and more balanced, and I was, on the whole, more relaxed and thoughtful about this journey towards parenthood. A few weeks into my trip, though, I found out that I was pregnant! more=>

 Samples of other testimonials over our first 4 years in business. more=



Kelly McErlean
Kelly McErlean, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.


Kelly is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and licensed in Pennsylvania. She earned her Master's Degree in acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.

Her clinical experience taught her how to tailor each treatment to the individual, depending on a variety of factors that are classic to the practice of Chinese medicine.

In addition to acupuncture, Kelly is utilizes supportive techniques to further healing such as Gua Sha and cupping.

She is delighted to support and educate CAMA patients on how to promote their overall well being with a holistic frame of mind. In her free time she enjoys hiking, outdoor activities and exercise.

Lisa Lisa Graham, M.Ac.

Lisa was inspired to become an acupuncturist after personally experiencing the benefits of acupuncture on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Lisa left a lengthy career in research and the biotech industry to follow her passion because she was amazed at the healing power of acupuncture. 

Serving the community by bringing relief from pain and disease, along with teaching patients about their own strength and ability to heal, brings her a lot of joy. 

Her goal is to support her patients in moving from a place of pain or disease to a place of feeling more healthy, balanced, and vibrant.

In her free time, Lisa volunteers at the local food bank and hospice. She also enjoys spending time with her pets, friends, and family.

Additional Staff
Sherie Ruppersberger
Sherie Ruppersberger is a licensed massage therapist. Her work draws from connective tissue therapy/myofascial release, Structural Integration, neuromuscular (trigger point) therapy, Swedish massage, and other modalities. This work provides the potential for reduced pain, deep rest, and enhanced awareness and resilience. Sessions with Sherie can include mindfulness techniques and movement depending on your goals.

Sherie studied at the Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork in Kauai with an inspiring group of teachers, including Kellie Berns, co-director of Ahimsa House, and Jess Radovich, founder of The Heart School. Sherie is deeply interested in nature, somatics, relationship, and direct experience as paths to healing trauma. She believes practices of awareness in these areas bring about embodied transformation; they move us toward a a fuller sense of aliveness, greater capacity for connection (to ourselves, our loved ones, and all beings), and freedom amidst whatever arises.



Dr Heather Wright, ND, FABNO

Heather is a Naturopathic doctor with extensive experience in cancer care cancer prevention, and natural therapies for use in combination with primary care medicine or oncology care. Dr. Wright is passionate about helping individuals build health, alleviate chronic conditions and develop wellness tools for the whole family. Dr. Wright has expertise on the use of supportive natural therapies such as herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and lifestyle choices. Often Dr. Wright refers clients to the acupuncture services at CAMA and it is frequently an important part of her recommended care plans. Dr. Wright’s practice is called GoodappleWellness.com and she sees patients at CAMA on Wednesdays on the 2nd floor.

To schedule an appointment contact: h.wright.nd@gmail.com or (215) 327 0757.

Dr. Wright meets with clients for initial visits (1-1.5 hours) and for follow up visits for (45 minutes - 1 hour) on Wednesdays and by appointment. Each session is designed to offer guidance in natural options for supportive care and to encourage finding balance well-being through living life to our fullest potential.

Dr. Wright is licensed as a naturopathic physician in the state of VT and is a lecturer and published author in the field of Integrative Oncology. Dr. Wright has specialized experience working in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and has worked extensively with pancreatic cancer patients in supportive care.  Dr. Wright is also an expert in the field of intravenous vitamin C and other nutrient therapies that can offer benefits to patients seeking wellness.

Prior to earning her naturopathic doctoral degree, Dr. Wright trained in midwifery in East Africa and in the US, and worked in research in molecular and cellular biochemistry at Harvard. After graduating from Bastyr University in 2005, Dr. Wright worked for two years in an internal medicine group a hospital in upstate NY.  Following that, she worked as a naturopathic doctor at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia for 9 years where she specialized in pancreatic cancer and worked extensively in academic and clinical research projects. 

Dr. Wright is currently President of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (Oncanp.org) and is Research Director for the KNOW Project (Knowoncology.org) a database of integrative oncology clinical trials.

Her publications include:

- Intravenous Vitamin C in the Supportive Care of Cancer Patients

- Evidence-Based Treatment of Digestive Symptoms in Pancreatic Cancer Patients

(click to watch video of Pete)

Hour-and-a-half sessions are available for $140 each, or a package of three for $110 each.


Hour appointments for $95 can be arranged by calling 267-738-7551.

Pete Gerold CMT, LMT. (Myofacial Release Massage)

brings almost 20 years experience in 25+ bodywork modalities, believing that the human experience is a total package - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Trained in the John Barnes methods of myofascial release therapy he has seen the effects of trauma in all of its manifestations on the human body.


Working with the fascial, or connective tissue system, using low levels of force over a sustained period of time, restrictions in this intricate yet extremely strong connective tissue can begin to loosen or "unwind". Releasing the emormous pressures (up to 2,000 lbs per square inch!) within the fascial system can return an individual to a lifestyle free of pain and restriction.


Holding patterns in the body, usually unaddressed in more tradition forms of physical therapy - and responsible for the limited healing many times associated with massage and other modalities can be addressed through myofascial release.


Injuries from repetitive stress, blunt force trauma, slip and fall events, auto accidents and gait imbalances can all be treated with this cutting-edge healing modality.


In addition, by bringing awareness into the emotions which may come up in a session the long-held belief systems and emotionally based holding patterns which can be the basis for our physical pain symptoms can be released.


Myofascial Release has demonstrated effectiveness in a wide array of applications including chronic pain conditions, TMJ, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, migraines, CFS, sports injuries, pelvic/menstrual issues, restricted motion issues and back/cervical pain conditions.



To learn more about Pete's many skills as a healer, visit: kneadingyoutherapy.com

Marin Richeson

Marin Richeson
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

We are constantly being inundated with information - and misinformation - about food, diet, and nutrition. How do we know what to believe? And how do we effectively apply it to our daily lives?

Questions like these drove Marin to start searching for answers. She was so impassioned by what she discovered that she decided to complement her informal knowledge with formal education so that she could help others in a professional capacity. She chose a program centered on the concept of food as medicine and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board.
Today, Marin works with clients from all walks of life to support them in what they should really be eating, considering their unique circumstances, and to design a sustainable (and joyful) food plan.
To learn more about how Marin may be able to help with your nutrition questions, challenges, and goals, schedule your complimentary 20-minute new client phone call 484-735-9611.

Marin offers her services on a sliding scale of $60-$85/hour.

(click to watch video of Sarah)

Cost: $65.  Treatment time is 1 hour;
please budget 1.5 hours which
includes intake and discussion. 

Sarah Bettien-Ash, CR, CHHC (Reflexology)

has been working in the health and wellness field for the past 17 years.

She is passionate about helping people increase their energy, health, and happiness by using drug free methods of healing that help people get to the root of their health challenges.

She specializes in Reflexology and Reiki.

Sarah is a certified Reflexologist, and received her certification from the Baltimore School of Reflexology in Baltimore, MD. Sarah received her Reiki certification from The Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences in Lansdale, PA, in 2004.

During a Reflexology session:

Sarah works to remove congestion and crystallizations that build up on and around the nerve endings on the soles of the feet.

Congestion is the body's response to stress, illness, or injury.

A Reflexology treatment restores circulation to all organ and body systems, improves overall health in the whole body, while reducing or eliminating pain and/or other annoying symptoms.

Research has shown that the following conditions can all be helped by regular reflexology treatments:

anxiety, allergies, asthma,
back aches, depression,
menopause, PMS, infertility,
insomnia, high blood pressure,
diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease,
constipation, migraines, sinusitis, and pregnancy

Reflexology has been shown to help people before and after surgery, to reduce pain and uncomfort associated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, AIDS, and many others.

Regular reflexology treatments are also helpful in relieving mental and emotional stress, and can be helpful in balancing the chakra energy centers in the body.

Sarah is excited to be a part of the CAMA community, around other holistic health-loving folks!

Reiki is a healing modality that provides the receiver with a great sense of peace and calm, while helping to eliminate tension or stress in the area is the body the Reiki is applied. A Reiki practitioner lays his/her hands on the person receiving the treatment, and focuses healing energy to a specific part of the body. A Reiki treatment usually take about 55 minutes, and the upper body, front and back, including the head is treated.

To find out more about a typical Reiki session click here.
Reiki visits are $60 for 55 minutes. Note: you need to book two appts back to back for your Reiki experience!

To find out more about reflexology and Sarah visit: www.healthyhorizonswellness.com



Max Rivers, (The Marriage Mediator)

Max is excited to bring Teamwork Marriage Mediation to CAMA to round out our mind-body approach.

He is well aware of how stressful a marriage caught in conflict can be for everyone in the family. He has developed a six session process to teach couples how to communicate so that everyone feels heard, respected and understood.

This process is so unique, as an alternative to couples counselling, his first hour-and-a-half session is guaranteed: if either of you don't feel the session was of value, there is no charge for the session. Cost is negotiated on a sliding scale.

You can see videos describing the process, and listen to couples describing the process in their marriages, as well as scheduling your own appointment at his website: www.themarriagemediator.net.

If you have questions you can email him or call 215.266.0598.