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Would you believe sliding scale $30-$45 per treatment, you decide? There is a $10 additional administrative fee for your first visit.


And that's not the co-pay, that's the whole cost!


How do we do it? To make acupuncture affordable, we're using a cost-saving model of treating people together in one room at the same time like they do in China (with private spaces if necessary). It is being offered the way it was meant to be utilized: as preventative and chronic care medicine that is accessible and beneficial to many, providing an effective alternative to drugs or surgery.



If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, or fail to come to your appointment there will be a $20 charge. We collect this $20 in advance as a 100% refundable "Missed Visit Deposit" which we keep in your account and return to you (if unused) if you wish to leave the practice.


6782 Germantown Ave,

Philadelphia, PA 19119

just South of Carpenter Lane, on the West side of Germantown Ave., next to Fino's Restaurant, across and just south from Magu Yoga.



As a patient of CAMA, you're joining a community of people who are taking their health care into their own hands. No insurance company decides what your health is worth to them. You pick your own practitioners, schedule your own appointments online and receive the care you and your body need, all for a reasonable cost!



We've made it possible for you to save time on your first visit, by filling out our Welcome Letter & Fees and Consent Form, First Time Patient and Brief Health History forms on your computer and printing them out.


Just click on the links above, fill in the forms, then print them out and bring them with you. Alternatively, you can come 10 minutes early for your first visit, and fill them out at the center.


Without leaving your seat, you can now book your first appointment right from your computer. Just read on...


To become a part of the CAMA community, all you need to do is click on the link below, fill out the few fields in the "REGISTER" screen and then sign on with your new ID and Password.


Once you've created your ID and password, next time, you can skip the signup, and just use the Quick Login button on our home page.

Please don't create multiple signups. If you forget your ID and/or password, just click on the the Quick Login button, and there's a place to get your info emailed to you.


You'll see the list of practitioners, select the one you want
based either on the days they work, or your personal preference)



Next you'll see what days and times they have open.


Select a day they have appointments (BLUE)...



Click on a time...


Next, Review and Confirm your Appointment



Click the REGISTER button to begin!

 Another Appt
 Need more help? Click here to call Elise and get answers to any of your questions. 

After signing on, instead of selecting an acupuncturist, click on the "My Appointments" icon:


Select the appointment you want to cancel, and click the "Cancel" button.



Confirm your choice and you're done.



After signing on, and selecting an acupuncturist, click on the "Weekly" tab:



Choose how many times per week, and how many weeks you want your appointment to repeat.


Next, click on "Preferred Time:" to see what times are available on each of the days you've selected. You can pick the same time, or different times for each day.



Click "CONFIRM" when you've satisfied with all your repeating appointment dates and times.