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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is wholistic, meaning that the person's entire state of health, and not just the symptoms that bring the patient to the office, are relevant.


Symptoms are viewed as a result of an imbalance in the overall state of health, rather than arising spontaneously.


For this reason, practitioners take the time to ask a lot of questions of the patient. For example, in our first appointment we'll ask about your quality of sleep, digestion, energy level, health history, diet, etc., in order to formulate a treatment plan (a series of treatments) that will bring your body back into balance again (alleviating symptoms).


We will also feel the pulse on both wrists and look at your tongue.


The feel of your pulse and the look of your tongue (you'd be amazed at the variations among patients!) give us more information about what is happening internally and, used together with your answers to our questions, confirm the diagnosis.


All the information taken together enables us to make the decision as to what points to use and how many treatments it will take to get a good result.





Consumer studies have determined that the main reason people don't go to an acupuncturist is that they're afraid of the needles.


The (mis)perception is that acupuncture needles are like the hyperdermic needles used for shots, and will hurt. This could not be further from the truth.


Acupuncture needles are nearly as thin as a human hair, and most insertions are completely painless (patients sometimes don't even know we've placed the needle).


At times there is a slight pinch if we needle a point in an area where the skin is thinner (the inside of the arm, as compared to the back). But even that sensation is very mild and only lasts a moment.


Children all over China and Japan receive acupuncture every day, and have done so for two thousand years.


It is a myth that acupuncture treatments are painful or uncomfortable. The truth is they are relaxing and restorative. We take our time during treatments, and go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. We tell you exactly what we're going to do, so you are never surprised or uncertain about what we are doing and why we're doing it.


All needles are sterilized and disposable, used only once--on you. We follow all the protocols for the health and safety of our patients recommended by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and all our practitioners have passed the national exam for Clean Needle Technique.


Some people feel proud of themselves that they pushed past their fears and tried acupuncture; and they're glad they did! It is only the perceived fear that is the challenge here, not the actual treatment. If you would like to have a conversation with us about your concerns, please feel free to call.

We've made it possible for you to save time on your first visit, by filling out our Welcome Letter & Fees and Consent Form, First Time Patient, HIPAA Consent,  and Brief Health History forms on your computer and printing them out.


Just click on the links above, fill in the forms, then print them out and bring them with you. Alternatively, you can come 10 minutes early for your first visit, and fill them out at the clinic.


Without leaving your seat, you can now book your first appointment right from your computer. Just read on...