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Take a little tour with us, of CAMA:
Community Acupuncture of Mt Airy


From 2005 to 2008, we were running out of a few rooms upstairs at a doctor's office.


One day Elise came home and said, "I think we need to build our own center!"


In response to the question, where would you want it, she said, "I'd love to have a storefront on Germantown Ave."


The next day, she went for a ride on her bike to look around. Much to her amazement, she found a storefront for sale, close to the end of our street!


And our miraculous journey began...


6782 Germantown Ave had been vacant for about 7 years, and long before that it was the
Hamilton Savings & Loan.


We did a little work on her...


We received some grants to green the building,


and beautify her...


This is what she looked like









And LOTS more NOW



A very special thanks to my parents, my husband Max,
CAMA's wonderful staff, and


my valued patients, who've made CAMA
a Mt. Airy institution
that's here to stay!