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Purpose.  If you feel you would benefit from the experience of a community clinic, want to learn how to treat many different kinds of symptoms in a short time frame, want to gain more confidence or if you intend to start a community clinic, this opportunity may be for you.

This opportunity takes place at an established community clinic that is currently 14 years old, open 6 days/week in NW Philadelphia.  The clinic has already been the site of thousands of treatments, and there are many more patients who need service. 

Shift Description. 
Each practitioner selected would work their chosen shift(s), lasting approx 4 hours, treating 6 patients during that shift.  Time is included in your shift for set up, note taking & clean up. 


Times Available.  4 hour shifts are typical.  Ideally, the practitioner will have some availability to work evenings (5-9pm) and perhaps on a weekend day, when most patients wish to be seen.  Mornings and afternoons are also options.  Morning shifts could be 10-1pm; afternoons Noon to 4pm.

Practitioner Responsibilities.
  Practitioners will be expected to: set aside time for training, follow office policies, including business casual dress and checking in with patients after a first time visit. 

  You are receiving excellent experience as a reward for your service.  This is a part-time job.  You will be paid an amount on a per patient basis, for each patient treated by you.  This amount will increase over time.  You will be treating 1 patient approximately every 30 minutes.  You will be given a 1099 form at tax time and will be responsible for all income taxes from your work at the clinic.  The pay for new acupuncturists (2 years or less experience) begins at $24 per hour (assuming a full schedule) with a rate/performance review in 6 months.  After that initial one year period, raises are done on a yearly basis, or sooner based on performance, up to a maximum of $37 hour. For more seasoned practitioners, the starting hourly rate will depend on experience.
Insurance.  All practitioners at the clinic must provide current proof of malpractice insurance and a state license.

Additional Documentation.
  I welcome any additional documentation that would help me to consider your application, including testimonials from patients in your practice, brochures, transcripts and resumes.  All new graduates from Won must submit their resume and Won transcript (unofficial is fine).



"Working at CAMA is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your acupuncture skills in many ways in a very comfortable environment:

  1. exposure to a wide variety of health issues, so constant learning
  2. the environment is stunning, comfortable, the patients love it, and it is a pleasure to spend time working in such a peaceful place
  3. those attracted to treatment there are generally wonderful and dedicated to their improvement.  They truly seem to enjoy a "partnership" approach recognizing this is the most effective way to make and sustain positive changes. I truly look forward to seeing the patients
  4. the power of the medicine becomes apparent as people come with great consistency, some every week.  This engenders a good deal of confidence in your practice as acupuncture tends to be cumulative. It is so gratifying to witness people as they improve their conditions and make life changes.
  5. An important benefit for me has been the increase in speed and accuracy in developing and executing treatments.  Thinking on your feet, developing a greater sense of appropriate points and protocols happens naturally over time due to the structure of the scheduled appointments.  It is important to me that this medicine grow as broad as possible as quickly as possible so that we can, as a society begin to see how effective it can be when used preventatively, not just when we have a health crisis. CAMA offers acupuncture to the community in a beautiful way that I believe can foster this goal.
  6. AND! Elise makes everything as simple as possible in terms of how the clinic functions. She has thought of, and continues to think of ways to make CAMA an exceptional place to work and develop skills regarding needling and patient interaction.
  7. My life is richer for contributing tikkun olam—the Jewish expression for “world repair” or community service"
    -Pam Milask

"Working at CAMA was a fantastic experience for me! 

"It was a relaxed and safe place for me to see a high volume of patients at a pace that worked for me.  This was key, as I was a new graduate. 

"Elise was there to support me as needed, and she also put her trust in me and gave me an opportunity to see just what I could do independently, and that taught me quickly about my strengths as a practitioner, as well as where I needed to grow. 

"The lower price at CAMA relieved the pressure of having to get results immediately, as it was easy for me to recommend and encourage patients to return for more care because of all the experience I received from treating so many different conditions, but because I could also see great results with patients who stayed with the process. 

"CAMA is at its core a “residency” for anyone who wants more experience treating a variety of conditions to a grateful clientele. 

"I also learned a lot about patient relations.  Elise helped me learn about “what makes an office visit a great one,” as well as how to build rapport with patients.  I now have this information wherever I go, and it’s invaluable."         


--Paul Cybularz



"I loved Elise’s willingness to reward building our own practice at CAMA. I continue to value the experience I gained here because it truly helped increase my confidence as a new practitioner and increased my ability to treat quickly and efficiently. When my other office hours were waning, CAMA kept me mentally focused and encouraged. It helped me through those down times when doubt can tend to creep in. I loved my CAMA patients, the new community model that is continuously created and coming to such a physically beautiful workspace. I originally thought my involvement would be temporary but valued the employment opportunity and practitioner experience for so many different reasons I ended up staying for 3 years (2009-2012)." Update: Kim returned to CAMA in January 2018 after 5 years experience elsewhere, realizing how much she enjoyed the CAMA model and the grateful patients that patronize the office so regularly.

--Kim Smith-Niezgoda


"CAMA afforded me the opportunity to hone my skills as an acupuncturist and meet clients with a multitude of health challenges that I doubt I would have encountered as a novice acupuncturist in private practice.  I thank Elise for that opportunity and mentorship."

–Jennifer Coleman Pugh


"I am so grateful for CAMA and the wealth of experience I gained as an entry-level acupuncturist.  It gave me the opportunity to comfortably settle into the fascinating world of acupuncture and really delve into my strengths and weaknesses at a pace conducive for me.  I am no doubt a more proficient practitioner as a result of it.  I also appreciate how receptive Elise was when it comes to suggestions about improving CAMA.  I honestly believe that her vision for CAMA is inevitably going to positively impact many in the Mt. Airy community and beyond.  It is undoubtedly a place of great energy and healing and I’m proud to have been a part of it. "

--Steve O


If interested, click on the

CAMA Independent Contractor Application

  to download it, then fill it out, print it

and mail it and your resume and references to:

Elise Rivers

508 E Sedgwick St

Phila, PA 19119.