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1. A safe alternative to western

2. Works naturally to heal your body

3. Customized formulas to meet your
     unique needs


CAMA is proud to offer Chinese Herbal Consultations! 

In order to provide wellness services to clients that may be needle sensitive, or would just prefer using herbal medicine, we offer in-depth appointments that will assess your condition and prescribe an appropriate Chinese herbal formula for your unique needs.

Unlike many Western medicines, Chinese formulas combine several substances that promote robust health.  The harmonious nature of these formulas relieves symptoms, and promotes ongoing wellness as a stand-alone treatment or between acupuncture visits.  The human body is dynamic and always responding to its environment, so Chinese herbal formulas are often used for brief periods or at certain times of year.  Working with Melanie, our nationally certified herbalist, will ensure the correct formula, dosage and duration that will empower the body to heal itself - and respond better to disease in the future!

Our Herbal Consultation Program is an $45 per visit, not including the herbs, which range in price from $17-$30

The first visit will be a thorough investigation of the condition, your lifestyle and diet, with an explanation of your pattern and the treatment strategy {please note that some herbal prescriptions may need to be special-ordered, while others can be given out same day}. 

Follow-up appointments can be scheduled as necessary to make adjustments to the herbal regimen, as well as to discuss supportive changes to your diet and lifestyle, if you wish. 
In order to ensure the highest quality, CAMA offers granulated capsules to our patients.  This preparation allows for the greatest potency at a reasonable cost, and can provide quick results. 

Because herbs are complete, food-like substances (not molecules extracted from plants, etc.), herbs are often taken 2-4 times per day and are convenient to use.

To make an Herbal Consultation appointment with Carol use our online scheduling system and book a regular acupuncture appointment:

Carol Goldman
Chinese Herbs & Fertility Specialist