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2019STAFF Pix

2019 CAMA Staff From left to right: 

Jessica Weaver, Acupuncturist; Sarah Ash, Reflexology and Reiki;
Elise Rivers, Owner/Acupuncturist; Pete Gerold, Myofascial Release; Marin Richeson, Holistic Nutritionist; Lisa Graham, Acupuncturist; Carol Goldman, Herbs and Acupuncture. Not pictured: Heather Wright, Naturopathic Doctor.


CAMA in the NEWS!

May 2019

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Feb 2019 oneminute video

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June 2018

Sep 2017 Fall Wellness Fair

May 2017 HHDay in the news

Oct 2016 Elise Interviewed

Elise & Students

Elise with her students--the 8th graduating class of the Won Institute in Glenside, PA. Since 2005, Elise has been teaching a foundational course in acupuncture.


June 2016:

Nov 2015:

Elise Rivers wins Best of the BID Award!
November 2015

This is an annual award acknowledging a person who has contributed the most to the Mt. Airy Business Improvement District (BID) efforts to make Germantown Ave more livable.


“Nobody does more than Elise to beautify our Avenue. She has spearheaded projects to add 100 hanging baskets and dozens of planters to the Avenue, and rallied her immediate neighbors on the 67-6800 blocks of Germantown Avenue to win the City Gardens contest in 2012.  Elise’s other contributions to the BID and business district include improved parking and holiday decorations, and her help selecting the last 3 Executive Directors of the BID was immeasurable.”

May 31 , 2015:

CAMA Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

CAMA staff Photo


Watch a video of Elise giving a special talk about her plans for the next 10 years and expresses her gratitude to staff and patients who have contributed to making CAMA what it is today.

Thank you Mt. Airy for 10 great years!

Mar 26 , 2015:

Chestnut Hill Local: CAMA's tenth anniversary, and conversion to a Wellness Center was reported.

CAMA in ChestnutHill Local

Oct 4 , 2014:

Healthy Woman Empowered for Life Conference

Elise was honored to be asked to speak at a conference held at New Covenant Church Campus. Over 600 people attended to learn about health issues for women.


Apr 7 , 2014:
NewsWorks:Philly Spring Cleanup Day On Saturday, volunteers fanned out across Northwest Philadelphia as part of the 7th annual Philly Spring Cleanup Day. NewsWorks stopped by several locations to share details from the sprucing-up effort...

Mt Airy BID Board member Elise Rivers mulches one of the numerous tree wells on Germantown Ave during Philly Spring Cleanup efforts. (Jana Shea/for Newsworks)

Jul 21, 2013: NewsWorks: Mt. Airy business works to be part of community improvements Owner of Community Acupunture of Mt. Airy (CAMA), Elise Rivers is passionate about not only building a successful business, but giving back back to the community where she works and lives...

Sep 24 , 2012:

NewsWorks: Northwest Philadelphia wins big in City Gardens contest

MBID Video

See video of Elise's presentation to the Mt Airy Business Improvement District about winning this award. See Before/After photos here.

Jul 18, 2012: ChestnutHillLocal: Lovett Park Plans
Jul 13, 2012: NewsWorks: Could Mt. Airy have the best garden in Philadelphia?
Jul 06, 2012: Philadelphia Magazine's BeWellPhilly has article about Community Acupuncture.
Dec 09, 2010: CAMA benches dedicated at William Allen Plaza. Click here for story in Mt. Airy Independent, and pictured in the Chestnut Hill Local.
Sep 23, 2010: CAMA described in the Chestnut Hill Local
Feb 18,2010:
Jan 06, 2005: CAMA was the first to bring this style of cost-efficient ($30-$45) acupuncture to Philadelphia (see newspaper clipping)




I've been shouting my recommendation of CAMA from the rooftops. The impact of acupuncture on my life has been profound.


THANK YOU for CAMA - the affordable pricing is what is allowing me to experience it.
                     V.C.--October 2011



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Please call us if you have ANY questions! (215) 266-5757

Thank you for your patience during this transition time.
~ Elise and the CAMA Team

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6782 Germantown Ave
(just south of Carpenter Lane)

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA 19119




2019 Hours:
Monday 10am-2pm & 6pm-9pm
Tues 9am-noon & 5pm-9pm
Wed 10am-9pm
Thurs 10am-2pm
Fri 11am-4pm
Sat closed
Sun 11am-4pm

All of us at Community Acupuncture of Mt. Airy are excited to welcome you to become part of our healing center!

Take a virtual tour of present day CAMA or take a trip down memory lane to see before and after pictures of how we converted the Hamilton Savings and Loan into a healing center.

Elise Rivers and her growing staff of acupuncturists, herbologists, fertility specialists and healers were the first to bring this style of cost-efficient ($30-$45) acupuncture to Philadelphia (see newspaper clipping) when we were a walk-in clinic way back in January 2005. We were also  featured in the Chestnut Hill Local .


We are committed to providing affordable healthcare that eliminates both the broken health care system's red tape and the insurance companies' inappropriate authority over your care. We want you to have the choice of an affordable, compassionate, effective, preventative, acute and chronic ailment care alternative; including: acupuncture, herbs and self-care education. We are an alternative for those who are insured, underinsured or not insured.

Elise Rivers, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.


Cornell Cert